Südtirol - Alto Adige


Guido Folonari has always loved South Tyrol territory, its wines and landscapes. Therefore, he has decided to realize his own oenological project thanks to the partnership of five little winegrowers of the region. Each winegrower is owner of a Bauernhof (German word for farmyard) and the surrounding vineyard, characterized by a particular microclimate and different soil types, which give to every wine a unique personality.

Gewürztraminer is native to the steep slopes around the city of Bolzano, a highly suitable terroir at an altitude of 400-600 meters above sea level. Müller Thurgau originates from the Eisack Valley with vineyards placed at 600-700 meters above sea level. Sauvignon comes from Überetsch and Ritten areas, characterized by warm and sandy soils. Pinot Blanc is native to the vineyards near Bolzano, where there is great day/night temperature variation. Kerner is cultivated in the light, stony and sandy soils of the steep and sunny slopes of the Eisack Valley and the Ritten area,at about 600-800 meters a.s.l. Pinot Noir, or locally «Blauburgunder», has found in South Tyrol its second home, where it expresses all its potential in the Ritten area, when it is cultivated in warm and airy sites at between 500 – 750 meters a.s.l. Lagrein, red indigenous grape of South Tyrol, finds its ideal place in the wine valley of Bolzano.

The expertise of South Tyrol winegrowers, and the great talent of the renowned winemaker Stephan Filippi, have created seven different wines, which perfectly mirror the unique character of this prestigious wine region.


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