Pursuant to par.13 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, no.196, and to its successive modifications and amendments, hereafter referred to as the Privacy Code, we as the Subject hereby inform you that the personal information (hereafter referred to as Information) either supplied by you or otherwise legitimately acquired in pursuance of our activities is handled in full accordance with that Privacy Code and with the obligations of confidentiality which characterise the operations of Pilarmonica S.p.A. (hereafter referred to as Philarmonica). The Information is gathered by remote means (and in encrypted form), then processed by computerised and manual means, exclusively for purposes connected to the furnishing of services requested by the User. Processing is carried out in conformity with privacy regulations currently in force, with particular although not exclusive reference to the Attachment to the Privacy Code B (Technical Code regarding minimal security measures). Such Information is available within the Philarmonica organisation only to employees who need to have access to it for reasons of responsibilities that follow from our contractual relationship with you. The complete and updated list of such employees who may be delegated for such activity is available to you from us. That information can be communicated to bodies, authorities, public institutions, banks and credit institutes, professionals, independent contractors, business partners, and third parties which are utilised by Philarmonica to satisfy its contractual obligations, as well as to whoever may be a legitimate addressee of communications provided for by legal obligations or regulations. Such subjects, as Owners, Managers, or employees delegated to such processing, shall handle and process that Information, whatever the individual situation, exclusively for the above-mentioned processing purposes. Such Information shall in no way be divulged. Philarmonica informs you that you may invoke the rights listed in par.7 of the Privacy Code, among which are, simply as an example, the right to request access, to cancel following violation of law, to update, to correct data, and to block processing for legitimate reasons. The Owner of such processing is Philarmonica, which may be contacted at the following address: Via Privata De Vitalis 2/A - 25124 Brescia - Italy - E-mail: [email protected] 
 The information systems and computer programs have been designed to reduce to a minimum the use of personal and identifying information not necessary to the above-mentioned processing purposes. The communication of the Information is necessary to the provision of services, and failure to furnish such Information will entail Philarmonica’s inability to provide such service. Philarmonica hereby notifies you that in order to completely furnish services such as subscription to its newsletter, processing aimed at replying to user’s questions, and transmittal of requested information, within the limitations and methodologies established by law and these present guidelines, pursuant to par.24 of the Privacy Code, your consent is necessary.
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